Rural Homestays – Rejuvenating Your Weekend Getaways

Laying under the stars, gazing into the sky with nothing on your mind is what a perfect vacation sounds like, right?

Unfortunately, it is hardly possible to get a moment of calm or soak yourself completely in the local culture while staying at hotels in popular tourist destinations.

It is, therefore, no surprise, that in the past few years, the global travel trend has shifted from staying in posh hotels to a cozy, localized vacation experience in rural homes.

People who earlier preferred staying in the comfort of a hotel in the middle of the city, are now try going out of their comfort zone and book a home in countryside to fully immerse in the community cuisine, music, aesthetics, values and even shopping!

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “India lives in villages”.

Are you ready to dip yourself in a unique rural experience to get a feel of the real India?

Brace yourself as we provide you with a host of reasons that will make you book a rural homestay of your choice, instead of a popular hotel.


  • Experiencing the place

The best travel experiences are witnessed in natural habitats and not in superficial environments. When you are in dainty cottage in the outskirts of a small town or village, perched like a bird at the foot of a beautiful hill station, you will know that you are now wholly merged with social fabric of the place and people, would like to witness and consume authentic food from an unlisted restaurant.

In fact, a city hotel can never provide you with the kind of authentic, localized experience that a rural stay would.


  • Peaceful, rustic Life

​​​​​​​Another thing that can be assured in a village stay is the vibrant character of the dwelling. You will be welcomed with an authentic rustic-looking place replete with pastoral beauty.

Don’t worry – we assure you that the place will be fully hygienic and ready to move-in.


  • Interaction with the locals

​​​​​​​Some of the hotels might provide you with an opportunity to interact with the locals and understand their culture, but rural homestays can provide you with a golden opportunity of living with these locals.

You will wake up in a room at their place, enjoy the local dialect and reel yourself with pleasure into the kind of locally grown organic food they consume on a daily basis.


  • Value for money

Rural Homestays are comparatively inexpensive than the large hotel chains.

Rural Homestays provide you a chance of understanding and enjoying the local culture and local cuisine at living costs, and hence assure you good value for your money.


  • Nature is your guide

​​​​​​​Going out on a morning stroll, for example, will open up hundreds of options for you. This means that frequent rural stay will also help you improve your health as you will be close to the nature.

You will come across numerous places camping and hiking, so be ready with your camps. If not, you can always consult your host for some good places to witness and more often than not, they will be more than happy to accompany you there.


  • Nurture family bonding

Families are moving away in this fast-paced world. Spending a vacation in these rural homestays will help you build a family bond. These alternate stays are great for weekend getaways as well. Enjoy the nature, set up camps and bonfire in the woods and have a time of your life in these cheap accommodations.

If you are looking for a home in countryside, a village stay will surely content you.

The option of enjoying the local cuisine, the organic food, and being close to the nature will rejuvenate your health and prepare you for the hectic time to follow.

Let this time help you achieve a family bonding of a lifetime. Don’t forget to indulge yourself into some of the best destination activities possible!

So, what are you waiting for?

Plan a weekend trip to experience village stay with your family now! 

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