Planning a Trip to Jim Corbett? Forget Boring Hotels – Rural Homestays Are Here to Make Your Trip Exciting!

Here’s something many travellers don’t know - a trip to Jim Corbett is incomplete without a visit to the local villages around it!

If you want to experience Jim Corbett to the fullest, say goodbye to conventional stay at budget hotels, set off for an adventurous rural homestay today.

Indulge in amazing home-cooked local cuisine, immerse in natural beauty and local culture, bond with your family in the calm and serene locale, and much more!


Wondering which villages to explore? Here’s our top pick, just for you.


       1. Homestay in Village Kyari

Situated in close proximity to Jim Corbett, this is one of the most beautiful villages of Nainital with some amazing views to offer.

With a plethora of wild as well as domesticated wild animal species including the beautiful Chital, Sambhar, elephants, and the rare species of the Bengal Tiger, Kyari has a beautiful rural stay which is equipped with all amenities in a sophisticated manner.

The locals of the place are extremely kind-hearted and will be more than happy to share their local stories with you.


           2. Homestay in Village Chhoti Haldwani

Indulge yourself in the amazingly cooked local organic food at the place where Jim Corbett himself spent a significant time of his life while he was establishing the famous park.

With a beautiful forest trail, one can enjoy magnificent bird Watching activities offered here.

This beautiful homestay destination plays host to several tourists and hence, numerous activities are organized here on a daily basis - Jeep safari to Corbett forest, witness the folk lore song and dance, to name a few.

Take a walk down the many trails originating from nearby regions and witness an overnight improvement in your mood!


         3. Homestay in Village Pawalgarh

Known to be the home of one of the largest species of bengal Tiger, as well as the Bachelor of Powalgarh, this alternate stay is located at a beautiful location surrounded by virgin forest.

The place is deemed to be a completely organic village and hence, one can enjoy the organic food grown here that is completely free from harmful chemical residues.

The homestay in itself is so cozy and comfortable that one needs to push oneself into venturing into the jungle for trekking!

         4. Homestay in Village Alchauna

With the 100-acre organic field along with the nearby bee-keeping activities, the homestay in the Village Alchauna is a perfect site for people looking to be close to nature. The Upreti’s, who have been residing in the village for a long time now, play the perfect hosts and welcome you to the place with the amazing local cuisine. The local dance and festivals can be enjoyed while enjoying a peaceful weekend getaway in this homestay. One can also go cycling in the small village or can go camping into the woods. Locations for paragliding and other destination activities are also not far from here.


          5. Homestay in Village Dhanachuli

If you are looking for an alternate stay option where the beautiful sound of the birds wakes you up and you start your day with a walk in the peach orchards, then the homestay in Village Dhanachuli is surely meant for you.

Cultivation of plums, apples, litchi, and other fruits is a common activity here.

The locals are friendly and help you in spending quality time in the homestay. They will also show you around and inspire you to set up camps in the nearby woods where you can witness a large variety of unexplored flora and fauna.



We hope that the above destinations help you make the most of your vacation.


You can always choose these budget accommodations and bypass the hotels for an experience that is healthier, wilder and closer to your heart.

Go for and check out how we can help you enjoy amazing rural stays in India.


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