Are You a Foodie Looking for the Perfect Weekend Getaway?

What is it that makes the traveller in you come alive?


For some it’s meeting new people, for some it’s exploring new landscapes, while for others, it’s all about great food.


In fact, for most people, relishing local cuisine is integral to the travel experience. But a typical hotel stay can only offer limited choices when it comes to exploring the local cuisine.


Did you know?

Travelling in India has come of age and many are now exploring the fresh delicacies offered by scenic villages by booking a home in the countryside.


Many rural homestays offer the rich experience of organic food being prepared right in front of your eyes. You will get to savour fresh, residue-free, healthy ingredients from nature, soulfully prepared in organic spices and herbs. Even a weekend getaway can rejuvenate your health and well-being, and lift your spirits.


Many travellers now agree that when it comes to pairing great food with the marvels of nature, rural homestays are the way to go.


Here’s why village stays in India are the ultimate food destinations for every traveller:


       1.  Experience nature at its best 

get locally sourced, locally prepared food in a homely environment. And what’s more, indulge yourself in the aroma of delicious food as it gets served hot and steamy – straight from the kitchen!


       2. Get organic food free from chemical residues,

rich in minerals and nutrients – nature’s very own powerhouse of goodness and well-being is waiting to be unleashed – just for you!


      3. Local recipes are not derived from hotel menu-cards

– something new waits for your taste-buds everyday. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, eggetarian or a meat-and-fish lover – there’s something for everyone!


      4. Every meal is freshly prepared and hygienically served

– say goodbye to microwaved, junk food. Meals replete with local flavours are sure to make your senses come alive!


      5. Instead of watching TV while you eat, relish the food as it gets cooked right before you,

while you listen to local stories and folklores!




        6. Take a break from your busy life and bond with your family as you gorge on sumptuous delicacies

– nothing fosters family bonding as a hearty meal!


        7. Make your meals complete with long walks in nature and sound sleep in cozy, quaint cottages.

Looking to burn those calories? Go for trekking, camping, hiking and other destination activities!


       8. Like a recipe?

Bond with your host family and they will soon share their culinary secrets!


       9.Give a boost to your health with local ingredients that come bundled with health benefits –

such as herbs, spices, essential oils, and much more!


      10. Hotel staff and waiters can offer you great services and hospitality, but if you want to experience the real love of local communities, rural homestays are the way to go.

Soak in their culture as they serve you their delicacies with pride, joy and absolute warmth!


      11. Looking for budget stay and fooding?

Forget budget hotels - a refreshing village stay offers cheap accommodations and low-cost yet rich, organic local food. When it comes to value for money, rural homestays are definitely your best bet!


A home in the countryside  -  with freshly prepared local cuisine is the traveller’s dream.


So, what are you waiting for?


Plan a weekend getaway now for great food and experience at a village stay with your family and friends!

Book the best weekend accommodation today !

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